• Building No. 10 (Engineering Faculty): Room No. 430, 420, 170, Device Room (Clean Room)
  • Building No. 9 (Engineering Faculty): Room No. 126;
  • Cryogenic Center: Room No. 303;
  • Takeda-Sentanchi super-clean room.

Our laboratory members room is at the 4th floor (Room no. 430) in Building 10 of engineering faculty, University of Tokyo.

Building 10 is inside Yayoi area, and the closest station is Nezu of Chiyoda subway Line. There is a map of The University of Tokyo premises inside Nezu station at its north side ticket exit, and the position of Building. 10 is shown. The indicator of the map, at first, goes out of the Nezu station at the north exit, and then climbs a slope from the Nezu station intersection along the Kototoi street. After walking the slope by about 100m, it enters the iron-made entrance (nearly at the end of the slope) of Yayoi campus at the left hand side of the street (The red-brick-made four-storied Building 10 can be seen at the left hand along the street) . It arrives at the Building 10 when returning in the coming direction, and walking about 100m when entering the Yayoi campus. It takes 5 minutes on foot from Nezu station. Call 5841-6728 or 5841-6729 if you hesitate.